Welcome to Ambidio COVID-19 Supporting Program

Ambidio Looking Glass is a great plug-in that allows editors to change the direction of sound using only stereo speakers. The result is a dynamic, immersive sound that can be experienced through virtually any stereo device. -- Mark Lanza, President, MPSE

In supporting the sound community, film/TV industry, and at home audience during this challenging time, Ambidio are making our award-winning tool Ambidio Looking Glass and Ambidio proprietary technologies freely available until May 31, 2020 (may be extended depending on the situation) for

  • Monitoring for project and work product
  • New title releasing: We will waive the per title fee for studios to release the end product created using Ambidio Looking Glass. This only applies to new titles and they will need to provide us with a list of the title released commercially. New titles meaning titles that were not previously released on DVD/BluRay, digital download, and streaming platform.

Please read our Terms and Conditions and enter your information below to register. We will get in touch with the email you provided in a few days after receiving your info. Stay safe and well!

Official press release regarding hte Ambidio COVID-19 Supporting Program can be found here.